Oil Painting with Edward DeVoe

03/02/2023 01:15 PM - 04/20/2023 04:15 AM ET




  • $250.00


This workshop is open to beginning or advanced artists.


Instructor: Edward Spaulding DeVoe

Dates:  Thursdays on March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, April, 6, 13, 20

Time: 1:15PM - 4:15PM

Member:  $225.00

Non-Member:  $250.00


This class will focus on individual specific instruction. Beginning students can grow at their own pace along side an advanced student who is finding their own voice. Participants will expand their knowledge of the materials and methods of painting and will be introduced to the color palette of the Old Masters, drawing effectively on canvases or panels, and exploring the compositional principles of the subject. 

Edward Spaulding DeVoe has indepth knowledge of the techniques of the old and modern masters and uses varied examples to assist artists in their understanding of what they need to learn. As this class progresses, the instruction will focus on student-driven concepts to assist in developing own personal goals. Workshop participants will work from subjects in the studio, but are free to paint landscapes or copy from the masters. 



Edward Spaulding DeVoe has exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. His works are in numerous private and public collections in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Corporate collections include the Ritz Carlton, Reader's Digest and the Boerhinger Ingelheim Corporation. His work was featured at the United Nations Ambassador's Ball and was auctioned by Christie's in support of the World Trade Center Relief Fund. He has won "Best-In-Show" in many competitions, including the President's Award from the National Arts Club. His mural designs were part of the National Society of Mural Painters' Bicentennial Tribute, which toured nationally.

Mr. DeVoe is acclaimed for the authenticity of his techniques. He is recognized for his unique ability to "create modern paintings with the qualities of the Renaissance Masters." Through painstaking research and collaboration with noted Italian restorer, Pierro Minone, Mr. DeVoe developed techniques, which capture the natural brilliance and transparency of oil mediums. He has also taught landscape painting for over a decade in the heart of the Hudson River's greatest scenery at The United States Military Academy, West Point.


Painting in oil, (or acrylics):

Materials: Any basic set of colors with a few brushes (for example bristle for oils #4,6,8), a palette knife and a palette will be all you need to make beautiful paintings. Titanium white or Permalba white, light yellow, naples yellow, raw sienna, yellow ochre, vermillion, burnt sienna, cobalt blue hue, ultramarine blue, raw umber, black and alizarin crimson.  Wood palettes, paper palettes, glass palettes are suggested along with a palette knifes  for mixing. Linseed oil (or walnut oil). Canvases may be large or small; bring appropriate sized brushes.


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