05/06/2023 10:00 AM - 05/07/2023 04:00 PM ET




  • $250.00


Two Day Painting or Pastel Workshop with Dean Fisher
Day one will be a five-hour portrait demonstration from a live model. Dean will explain his entire thought process during the demo.
Day two will be a five-hour session where participants paint a portrait from the model and Dean will instruct them throughout the day.


Instructor:  Dean Fisher

Dates:  Saturday, May 6, and Sunday, May 7, 2023

Time:  10AM - 4PM

Member  -  $225.00

Non - Member  -  $250.00 


In this two-session workshop we will work to create expressive portrait and figure paintings by focusing on capturing the subtleties of human gesture and thinking of creating, through the illusion of paint (or pastels), how form exists in space as opposed to a highly detailed rendering of a face. We will strive to give a sense of weight to our forms as well as a sense of breathable air around our subjects. There will be extensive discussion and live demonstration on capturing the feeling of a specific temperature of light on flesh.

As always, I will attempt to de-mystify flesh color mixing through an analytical approach which avoids any kind of formulaic “flesh” mixtures with the idea in mind of capturing the specific complexion of our model, which is of primary importance in capturing a likeness.

A major component of this workshop will be how the qualities of the application of the paint, itself, can play a major role in the expressive potential of the painting as well as breathing a sense of life into our work.

During the second day of this workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to paint the model for a full five hours while I offer instruction as everyone’s painting unfolds.


Dean Fisher is a painter and draughtsman with over thirty-five years of experience and has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. in prominent galleries such as; Hirschl and Adler Modern, NYC; J. Cacciola Gallery, NYC; George Billis Gallery, NYC and LA; Prographica Gallery, Seattle; Byron Roche Gallery, Chicago; Jonathan Cooper Gallery, London UK; and Tregony Gallery, Tregony Cornwall, UK.; Susan Calloway Fine Art, Washington DC; Figure/ Ground Gallery in Seattle, and Sugar Lift Gallery, NYC.

He is the recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant and numerous awards for his paintings and drawings. He spent eight years in Spain, France, and England copying masterworks in major European museums, as a form of study, while simultaneously developing his own work.
Dean has taught landscape painting near Pienza in Tuscany, Italy, and a runs landscape painting courses each autumn in the Dordogne Valley in the southwest of France.

His paintings and drawings can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.
Dean and his wife, artist Josephine Robinson, live in Milford, Connecticut.


Set of Oil or Alkyd paints or Soft Artists Pastels (not oil pastels)

Oil or Alkyd Paint Color List (Please bring all of these colors to class as well as any other favorite colors)

Cadmium Yellow Light

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarin Crimson

Burnt Sienna

Viridian Green

Chrome Oxide Green (optional)

Cobalt Blue (optional)

Ultramarine Blue

Titanium White

Canvas Panels: 16x 20 canvas or canvas panel …or similar size

Paint Brushes (for oil Painting): #2, 4, 6, 8 Natural Bristle Filberts #1 or #2 Round

Pastels: (instead of paint)

Set of 25 or more colors (Rembrandt brand or equivalent)

Paper: Several Sheets Medium Gray Color (approx. 22”x28”) of Canson or Strathmore Pastel Paper Masonite or Wood Drawing Board at least 18” x 24”

Other Materials:

Several Rags or Paper Towels

Disposable Paper Palette or Wooden Palette, Medium Sized Trowel Shaped Palette Knife

Sketchbook (approx. 14” x 18”), HB or 2B Pencil

Can of Odorless Turpentine- Least toxic is Gamsol sold at most art stores

Medium-sized jar with a tight lid to hold turpentine for cleaning brushes

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